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1 Create a NFT payment addr (air-gapped offline machine)

cardano-cli address key-gen \
--verification-key-file nft-payment.vkey \
--signing-key-file nft-payment.skey
cardano-cli address build \
--payment-verification-key-file nft-payment.vkey \
--out-file nft-payment.addr \

2 Fund your NFT payment addr

Yoroi, binance, Daedalus, etc…

3 Create policy

cardano-cli address key-gen \
--verification-key-file nft-policy.vkey \
--signing-key-file nft-policy.skey
cardano-cli address key-hash --payment-verification-key-file nft-policy.vkey
“type” : “all”,
“scripts” : [
“keyHash”: “
“type”: “sig”
“type” : “before”,
“slot” :
cardano-cli transaction policyid --script-file policy.script

4 Add your NFT to IPFS

Here is a simple FAQ provided by NOOPS

What is a stake pool?

Stakepool is where people holds their ADA together to make blocks for the chain. The benefit is being rewarded with new ADA. Stake pools are responsible for processing transactions and producing new blocks. You can select a pool and delegate your ADA to generate, ~5% a year.

What does staking ADA means?

Staking ADA provides ada holders with rewards in addition to the potential market price gains. The more ada you stake, the more rewards you can earn. …

What is more secured than a good old exchange ?

Everyone in the crypto world is familiar with exchanges. You can easily create an account with your ID. Your coins stay on the exchange and your access is secured with MFA but there is some caveats: you can only stake with the service provided by the exchange.

Let’s take a Binance example:
Flexible saving 1.45% APY
Sometimes locked saving: 30 days 5.5% APY

Meanwhile BNP (Ticker of Binance’s pool), have a couple of stake pools, they earn more than 5.5% APY because they are delegator and operator.

The ADA rewards circle

Simple but pretty hard to illustrate.

Example :

EPOCH 250 You decide to delegate your wallet to NOOPS (thanks).

EPOCH 251 A snapshot of your stake is taken.

EPOCH 252 Your stake becomes active (snapshot during EPOCH 251).

EPOCH 253 Rewards are calculeted, your stake is still active.

EPOCH 254 Rewards are distributed, your stake is still active.

The first time, you will earn rewards after 16 to 20 days, depending of your delegation day. And of course your pool have to mint a block to be able to distribuate rewards.

Your ADA stay in your wallet

During the whole process your ADAs stay in your…

Learn how to delegate and stake your ADA with Daedalus.

What is the difference between a trading platform (like Binance) and a Wallet like Daedalus.

A trading platform is an exchange where users can trade crypto:

To start trading, you have to sign up on Binance.

You can buy crypto directly with your credit card, with cash previously transferred to your account or by transfer without fees. Then, you can add send funds to your wallet ADA address.

What is a wallet ?

It’s a wallet for your ADA coins. …

In this article, we will show you how to create and delegate ADA to a pool.

Delegation is simple and easy.

Let’s take the example below with our pool (ticker : NOOPS).

To begin choose the simple interface, you can skip the Payments URLS and click on “Create wallet”.

Dans ce guide nous vous expliquons comment staker des ADA avec Daedalus afin de percevoir des intérêts.

Différence entre une plateforme d’échange (ex Binance) et un wallet (ex Daedalus)

Plateforme d’échange : tout commence ici….

Elle permet :

Inscrivez-vous sur Binance, vérifiez votre compte et achetez des cryptomonnaies directement avec votre carte bancaire, avec de l’argent préalablement viré vers votre compte Binance ou par virement (pas de frais). Tips : les virements instantanés sont supportés.

Vous pourrez par la suite virer des ADA depuis Binance vers votre adresse…


Let me introduce our ADA pool NOOPS. We are here to support the Cardano network’s decentralization and to support UNICEF. charity, 50% of our rewards to UNICEF

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