Cardano | Transfer ADA from exchanges to your own wallet | NOOPS Guide

What is more secured than a good old exchange ?

Everyone in the crypto world is familiar with exchanges. You can easily create an account with your ID. Your coins stay on the exchange and your access is secured with MFA but there is some caveats: you can only stake with the service provided by the exchange.

I want to own my ADAs and earn rewards 5,5% APY

You are at the right address.
First thing to do is to create a wallet. You can easily create a wallet with Daedalus and Yoroi, we have guides if you need help.
You don’t need to send ADA to create a wallet, so to begin, I invite you to create one, just for fun.

I’m afraid to have ADA on my PC or mobile

You don’t have to, your ADAs stay in the blockchain.
A wallet is just an interface with the blockchain to do transactions.

Ok a wallet is safe, my ADAs stay in the blockhain

The important things are:
- Don’t give access to someone to your PC with your password.
- Don’t share or store online your recovery phrase.

Do a small transaction to validate your address

Take one of the addresses created with Yoroi or Daedalus and copy/paste it to your exchange. Don’t try to type it letter by letter, i have tried…
Do a first small transaction to validate the new address added on your exchange.

Let me introduce our ADA pool NOOPS. We are here to support the Cardano network’s decentralization and to support UNICEF. charity, 50% of our rewards to UNICEF

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