Cardano | Transfer ADA from exchanges to your own wallet | NOOPS Guide

What is more secured than a good old exchange ?

Let’s take a Binance example:
Flexible saving 1.45% APY
Sometimes locked saving: 30 days 5.5% APY

Meanwhile BNP (Ticker of Binance’s pool), have a couple of stake pools, they earn more than 5.5% APY because they are delegator and operator.

This is totally normal, your traditional bank does the same.

I want to own my ADAs and earn rewards 5,5% APY

I’m afraid to have ADA on my PC or mobile

Your wallet application creates addresses on the blockchain.
On your PC there’s just the protected key to validate transactions from these addresses. The key is protected by the password you have choosen.

Ok a wallet is safe, my ADAs stay in the blockhain

Your password is important, but if you lose it, you can recreate your key without. If someone steal your password, he can’t control your address without your protected key stored on your pc.

Your recovery phrase is the “sesame” or the “master key” to control your address on the blockchain.
With your recovery phrase you can recreate the key from any other PC.

Do a small transaction to validate your address

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